News (dd-mm-yyyy)

06-2022: Congratulations to Melissa for successfully completing a 4th year thesis project in the lab!

06-2022: We have been awarded an NSERC Discovery Grant + Discovery Launch Supplement to support our synthetic chemistry research program!

04/05-2022: Aled is joining the lab as a PCL297H student. Welcome to the group!

15-02-2022: We have received a Pathway Grant from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine to support our glycoimmunology research program! Thank you to the TFoM and the Temerty Foundation!

01-2022: Eric joins the lab as a PCL297H student. Welcome Eric!

11-2021: Landon finally caved to peer pressure and has activated a Twitter account. Follow @LandonJEdgar for news, updates, thoughts, and commentary. #glycotime

09-30-2021: Landon's review article "Engineering the Sialome" is now published in ACS Chemical Biology

09-2021: Melissa joins the lab as an ANA498Y project student. Welcome Melissa!

09-2021: Dzhangar joins the lab as the first graduate student. Welcome Dzhangar!

08-2021: The Edgar Lab receives infrastructure funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. Thank you CFI! Press release

01-07-2021: The Edgar Lab officially opens!