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Assistant Professor

The University of Toronto
ment of Pharmacology & Toxicology (Primary)

Department of Immunology

Department of Chemistry

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow
The Scripps Research Institute (2021)
Immunology (with James C. Paulson)


The University of Toronto (2016)
Chemistry (with Mark Nitz)

Hons. BSc
The University of Toronto (2011)
Chemistry & Pharmacology

Landon J. Edgar, Ph.D.


Landon is a chemical immunologist with expertise in single cell analysis technologies. He completed both a BSc (chemistry and pharmacology, 2011) and PhD (chemistry, 2016) at the University of Toronto. As a graduate student, Landon was a member of an interdisciplinary team that developed a series of chemical probes that enabled visualization of how cancer cells ‘breathe’ within a solid tumour. This technology allowed scientists to evaluate which individual cancer cells were potentially the most dangerous.


Following graduate school, Landon engaged in postdoctoral work at The Scripps Research Institute in California. Here, he used technologies from a range of disciplines to probe the mechanisms through which immune cells communicate. This research resulted in the discovery that specific types of sugars on the surface of immune cells control how these cells recognize viruses and foreign proteins.


Landon is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology at the University of Toronto. Here, his interdisciplinary team is harnessing methods from immunology, chemistry, and biochemistry to study and manipulate the immune system, with a specific focus on the roles of carbohydrates in health and disease. The lab’s broad research vision is to program synthetic immune responses by engineering the surfaces of immune cells. Technologies produced by the Edgar lab will provide the foundation for next-generation therapeutics that will benefit patients suffering from a variety of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

Email: landon.edgar (at) utoronto (dot) ca

Select Awards and Honours:

2022 Connaught New Researcher Award

2017–2019 NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship


2016 Alex Harrison Award in Analytical Mass Spectrometry


2015 Boehringer Ingelheim Award of Excellence in Organic or Bio-organic Chemistry


2015 Outstanding Poster Award – Bioorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference 


2014 Chemistry Travel Grant


2013 Croft Teaching Assistant Award


2013–2016 NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral Level, 3 years)


2011 Ontario Graduate Scholarship

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